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Currently completing Metaphysical Science Doctorate

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Metaphysical Science - What is it?

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Christine on Breathing

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              Did You Know?

75 to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians result from stress-related disorders. 

Paul Rosch  M.D., President

American Institute of Stress

Don't let stress run your life!

  Stressed or Anxious?

Practical stress management and life skills education is a powerful step to personal power and success in life.  Learn to still your mind and relax your body anywhere, any time.   Personal power is an inside job!


                                          You've come to the right place! 

Stress and anxiety have grown to monumental proportions in todays society and they're causing major problems. Don't wait until stress builds up and causes significant complications in your business, relationships, health, and life, release  it now!    I can show you how to release stress and find new power and balance in your life.  I suffered with chronic stress and anxiety in my past and I used these skills to transform my life... THEY WORK!  You too can become skilled at maintaining balance and peace in any life situation.


                                            Release Stress Fast...  Guaranteed!  

Breathing is the absolute first place to start.  Conscious breathing has completely changed my life and the lives of thousands of others.  It is the most significant, simple and powerful tool you have and yet as a society there is very little awareness about the supportive affects and natural gifts of breathing.  What it can do for your mind and your body is nothing short of a miracle.


Are you breathing properly?  If you're only half breathing you're only half alive... 


Stressed and anxious people do not breathe well, in fact a lot of the time they are hardly breathing at all!   Becoming stress free is easy when you learn how to breathe correctly.


Contact Christine  ...Good breathing brings a sense of calm and freedom!